This specification covers the requirements for polyethylene insulation alpeth sheathed cable, intended for aerial installation by attachment to a separate support strand. The cable shall be used on subscriber and junction line.

CONDUCTOR : Solid annealed bare copper wire, 0.40,0.50,0.65 and 0.90 mm (26,24,22,19 AWG) in size.
INSULATION : Color coded solid high density polyethylene.
TWISTED PAIRS : The insulated conductors are twisted into pairs with specified color combinations to provide pairs identification.
CABLE ASSEMBLY : Cables having 25 pairs and less are assembled in a single group . Cables having more than 25 pairs are assembled in units each being identification by color coded unit binders.
IDENTIFICATION TAPE : A tape, indelibly marked with the following details, shall be laid over the cable core or under the outer lapping tape (nonhygroscopic dielectric material).

       a. Manufacturers Name
       b. Year of Manufacture (Duration of two years) Or the marking shall be printed on the outer lapping tape. The marking shall appear at intervals not more than 50 cm throughout the  cable length.
CODE COVERING : Nonhygroscopic dielectric tape.
SHIELDING : A corrugated polyethylene coated 0.2 mm aluminum tape is applied longitudinally with overlap.
OUTER JACKET : High molecular weight, low or medium density polyethylene colored black.
LENGTH MARKER : Each length of cable shall be permanently identified as, manufacturer name, year of manufacturer, type and size of cable, and sequencially number length. The  marking shall be printed on the outer jacket.  An alternate method of marking  may be used if acceptable to the CLIENT.