36w Daylight Fluorescent

Special Properties

High lamp efficacy with 75 lumens/watt
Available in 3 colors: Daylight, Cool white, warm white
First certificate approval of Green Label in Thailand First TIS. Certificate of 20,000 hrs. Approval in Thailand

These fluorescent lamps are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor where high brightness   
is required such as office building or industrial works. Fluorescent lamp 36 watt can be operated
with 40 watt ballast and conventional 40 watt fixture.

Technical Data
Color : Daylight
Watts : 36
Bulb Shape : T8
Bulb Dia. : 25.5 mm
Bulb Length : 1,198.0 mm
Base : G13
Rated Lamp Current : 0.430A
Initial Lumens : 2,690
Color Temp : 6,500 K
Efficacy : 75 lm/w
Average Life : 20,000